Elaya Health Specialty Services


Introducing Elaya Health:

Transforming Diabetic Care in Long-Term Care Settings

Welcome to Elaya Health, where our team of specialized providers is dedicated to delivering expert diabetic care that surpasses industry standards. We have designed a care model that ensures top-in-class diabetic management for patients in long-term care settings, providing safe, effective, and compassionate care tailored to the unique needs of each resident and facility.

upgrade your facility in three easy steps

upgrade your facility in
three easy steps

Explore our tutorial to gain a comprehensive understanding of what facilities should expect when engaging with us, and discover how you can elevate the standard of care at your healthcare facility.


Meeting between the facility’s medical and administrative staff and Elaya Health’s Leadership team.


Elaya Health will provide all necessary credentialing information, in order for our providers to have access to your EHR.

Quality of care

Elaya Health will provide care to your patients, as part of a comprehensive diabetic program, tailor made for your facility.

Experience the Difference of Exceptional Care

Our providers are trained extensively to provide the highest level of care for patients in long-term care settings. With their specialized training, they possess the expertise and knowledge necessary to address the complex challenges associated with diabetes management in these environments. We understand the importance of delivering quality care that improves patient outcomes, enhances quality of life, reduces hospitalizations, lowers drug costs, and promotes nursing efficiency.

Meet Our World-Class Medical Director

Dr. Zwickler, our esteemed medical director, is a distinguished endocrinologist with nearly four decades of experience. His deep understanding of the needs of patients in long-term care facilities has led him to implement a standard of care that is truly transformative. Dr. Zwickler’s expertise and guidance ensure that our diabetic care program is at the forefront of the industry, empowering residents to live healthier, happier lives.

Insider Understanding of Long-Term Care

Yehudah Serle, our founder, brings a unique perspective to Elaya Health. With eight years of experience as a nursing home and assisted living administrator, Yehudah possesses an insider’s understanding of the operational intricacies of long-term care facilities. This invaluable knowledge allows us to seamlessly integrate our program within your facility. We collaborate closely with your medical and nursing teams to develop an endocrinology program that aligns perfectly with your facility’s needs and objectives.

Unleash the Potential of Elaya Health

Expert Diabetic Care

Our specialized providers are equipped with the knowledge and skills to deliver exceptional diabetic care, ensuring the well-being and improved health outcomes of residents.

Tailored Care Model

We understand that each resident and facility is unique. Our care model is designed to adapt to individual needs, providing personalized and compassionate care that exceeds expectations.

Collaborative Approach

Elaya Health works closely with your medical and nursing teams to seamlessly integrate our program, fostering a collaborative environment that maximizes the benefits for residents and enhances nursing efficiency.

Experience the transformative power of Elaya Health in revolutionizing diabetic care in long-term care settings.